As you may have heard, earlier this month the Fedora 6.0 Release Candidate was announced, which means we are moving full steam ahead toward an official full production release of the software. After 2 long years of laying down the tracks to guide us toward a shiny new Fedora, this train is nearly ready to leave the station and we couldn’t be more excited. We fully expect to see a production release in the coming weeks and want the community to climb on board as we charge ahead.

So what’s with all the train metaphors? Allow me to explain. It is my pleasure to finally be unveiling the Fedora train!

This image was a collaboration between the Fedora team and the Communication Outreach Marketing and Community Sub-Group and was created by Sam Mitchell, the graphic designer at LYRASIS. We wanted to create something that was representative of the progress we have made in reaching Fedora 6.0 as well as our desire to bring all community members forward to the latest version of the software. Enter the Fedora train.

With it’s sleek, modern design and capacity to hold many passengers, the train felt like the ideal symbol for Fedora. You may notice the hex shapes, integrated in to the image, and this was another intentional piece we wanted to incorporate. Much like the hex stickers that are often seen decorating the fronts of laptops, they fit together seamlessly and in infinite configurations. This is how we feel about Fedora. Fedora is the base hex, on which you can build your repository. The hex is also a subtle nod to Fedora 6.0 – the hex being a 6-sided figure to denote the most recent version without being overly literal.

If you’ve been following along with any of our Fedora presentations on the conference circuit this year, you will have seen that we are always using the train metaphor in our presentation titles – Fedora Software & Community Update: All Aboard for Fedora 6.0. In the development of Fedora 6.0 we recognized a need to bring the community forward and as a result have invested in the creation of extensive tooling, documentation and support for the migration process.

Where can you find the train? We have made a small store on Red Bubble where you can purchase a few items with the new image on it. You can access the store here. At present, it is set up as at-cost pricing, so there is no profit being made by Fedora on the sale of these items. In the future we hope to have the train image available on more merchandise when we get back to in-person conferences and events.


A special thanks goes out Sam Mitchell at LYRASIS, the Communication Outreach Marketing & Communications Sub-Group and Fedora staff team for all their work in developing this image. We are excited to be able to share it with you today and hope you love what it represents as much as we do.