Whatever your skill level or expertise, the Mozilla Global Sprint needs you! Register to participate and you’ll have the opportunity to work on our project, Open Sourcing DuraCloud: Beyond the License on May 10-11.

Our goals for the two-day virtual event are to work with a diverse group of collaborators from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets in whatever capacity makes sense to them. In the broader Mozilla context, this project has themes of digital inclusion, open innovation, and decentralization.

As a starting point for working together, we created Github issues describing tasks such as reviewing and improving documentation, testing DuraCloud, creating instructional videos, brainstorming marketing new ideas, and more.

Digital preservation impacts everyone. DuraCloud preserves academic, cultural heritage and research data. It’s open source software that connects curators of digital content to storage providers, duplicates content across providers, and performs integrity checking to verify that stored content remains unchanged.

Interested? Here’s how you can register for the sprint.

How to Register

  • Navigate to https://ti.to/Mozilla/global-sprint-virtual18
  • Enter your organization, name, email, country
  • Answer the following questions:
    • Is this your first sprint?,
    • Do you have a github handle and if so what is it?,
    • How did you find out about your local site?
      • [Ignore this question – we aren’t affiliated with a local site for this sprint]
    • How did you find out about the sprint?
  • You will receive two emails, one free virtual ‘ticket’ confirmation and one calendar invite to  #mozsprint.

During the Sprint

Once registered for #mozsprint you can participate in the following ways.

  1. If you are new to DuraCloud, you’ll want to start by checking out theREADME, which will give you an introduction to the project.
  2. Introduce yourself, let us know who you are and how you’d like to get involved.
  3. Join the conversation on Gitter.
  • Was there something in the README or about the project you didn’t understand or want to know more about? Just ask.
  • Do you have contribution ideas you’d like to discuss with the project leads? Just mention @bbranan, @heathergreerklein, or @eeohalloran_twitter.
  1. Review the issues to find a place to jump in and help. If you have questions, leave a comment on the issue or ask in Gitter.
  2. Not sure where to start? Try one of these:

​   6. Join one of our Sprint Standup calls. These will be used for status updates and to get answers to questions: