The NewspaperWorks team–Eben English (BPL), Harish Maringanti (Utah), Brian McBride (Utah), Jacob Reed (Utah) and Sean Upton (Utah)–announces the release of NewspaperWorks  v1.0.0!
NewspaperWorks is a gem for Hyrax applications that provides work types, metadata fields, batch ingest workflows, and front-end functionality for digitized newspaper content. The gem can be used to integrate newspaper content into an existing repository application, or to build a stand-alone newspaper digital library.

NewspaperWorks supports:

  • models for Title, Issue, Page, and Article
  • batch ingest of NDNP data, PDFs, and TIFF/JP2 via command line
  • OCR and ALTO creation
  • newspaper-specific metadata fields
  • full-text search
  • calendar-based issue browsing
  • advanced search
  • full-text keyword match highlighting
  • viewer with page navigation and deep zooming
  • IIIF Content Search API endpoint

A set of helpful documents to help you learn more and deploy NewspaperWorks can be found on the project wiki, including a PCDM model diagram, metadata schema, batch ingest instructions, and more details on installing, developing, and testing the code:

NewspaperWorks is the product of a two-year IMLS-funded collaboration between Boston Public Library and University of Utah’s Marriott Library [1]. We’re extraordinarily grateful to IMLS for funding this project, and for the feedback and support we’ve received from the community, especially from our grant Advisory Committee and the Samvera Newspapers Interest Group [2].

We look forward to working with interested implementers in the next few months, and identifying features for future development! Come see our presentation at Samvera Connect 2019 (Thursday 10/24 at 10:45 AM) to learn more on how to get involved.