From Aaron Coburn, systems administrator and programmer, Academic Technology Services, Amherst College

Amherst, MA  I would like to announce the 4.4.4 release of the Fedora Camel component.

This is a patch release that deprecates two endpoint options: transform and tombstone. Those options are still available in this release, but they will log a warning; they will be completely removed in the 4.5.0 release.

The transform option was used with the (now deprecated) fcrepo-transform extension module. Because that module will not be part of the Fedora 4.7.0 release it will be removed from the camel component.

The tombstone option was an undocumented feature to make it easy to remove tombstone markers from deleted Fedora resources. Given the non-normative note in the LDP recommendation (Section 6.1.2) to not re-use URIs, it was decided that, while the camel component can't prevent users from deleting tombstone markers, it can choose not to make it easy to remove tombstones.

More information about using the Fedora Camel component is available from the project webpage:


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