From Daniel Bernstein, DuraSpace Technical Lead and Developer, on behalf of the Fedora Development Team

Based on testing feedback [1] from the most recent 5.0.0 release candidate, the following tickets have been addressed and incorporated into a new release candidate:

# fcrepo4 : UI: “View Versions” link gives 404 if no version is created yet for a resource 406 returned when Accept-Datetime header is present when GETting/HEADing Memento Update modeshape dependencies to use new fcrepo fork. remove fedora:writable triple version and build info are no longer appearing in the HTML UI
Please help with some simple testing of this release candidate:
1) Download the one-click-run [2]
2) Download the war file [2] to deploy into a servlet container

The planned release of 5.0.0 has now been extended one week to December 10, 2018. Please provide your feedback before then.