From Elliot Metsger, Senior Programmer/Analyst, Digital Research and Curation Center, Johns Hopkins University, on behalf of the Fedora API-X group

The Fedora API Extension Architecture (API-X) working group has been planning a milestone release and associated demo of the API-X framework and an assortment of extensions.  While this does not represent a production release, the framework has matured to the point where it is ready for a round of evaluation and feedback.  We are currently working on an overview and evaluation guide for this demo, an initial skeleton is available on the wiki:
If anybody is interested in evaluating the demo when it is released in order to provide this valuable feedback, please place your name as an evaluator on the page, or stay tuned for further communication.  
Currently we are looking for feedback on the evaluation guide as it evolves.  Are the tasks clear?  Do you feel anything should be added or removed to the list?
The API-X team holds regular biweekly meetings.  The next meeting is Thursday, October 27 at 1pm Eastern time (agenda, dial-in:  At this meeting, we will discuss the state of the demo.  Anybody interested in evaluating the demo is encouraged to attend!  
More information about the Fedora API-X effort can be found at

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