VIVO Community,

The VIVO Leadership Group is the strategic decision-making body for VIVO, and consists of representatives from member institutions and three community members. These three community members will serve on the Leadership Group for one year.

It’s time to hold nominations and elections for three community members, and we need your input. Here’s how it works:

  • Anyone affiliated with a VIVO member institution can nominate individuals  who you believe would be good representatives of the community.  Multiple people from the same institution can make nominations.
  • You can nominate one, two, or three people from the VIVO community using the Nomination Form.
  • You can nominate yourself (provided you’re affiliated with a VIVO member institution).
  • Please send your nominations before midnight on June 25.

Once we receive nominations, we’ll ask for each nominee interested to submit a personal statement explaining why they are interested in serving on the Leadership Group and why they would be an ideal candidate.  An election will follow and VIVO Community Liaisons will vote for three nominees.

Your voice is critical to VIVO, and this is your opportunity to help shape the VIVO Leadership Group. Send your nominations today!

Nomination Form

If you have any questions about the Community Leadership Group nomination or election process please contact Kristi Searle.