Introducing Our Strategic Partners

DuraSpace has an interest in technologies and best practices that are able to ensure that valuable content is preserved and made widely available for present and future generations.

At DuraSpace we believe in the strong role of innovative open technologies to promote long-lasting and open access to digital data.

We are also convinced that to develop innovative open technologies there is a need for strong international collaborations aiming at the implementation and adoption of technological standards and protocols that enable interoperability between different systems.

For this reason DuraSpace is interested in Strategic Partnerships with organizations that share our vision and goals. A Strategic Partnership should first and foremost be beneficial for the communities represented by the strategic partner organizations.

Below are the organizations DuraSpace has signed collaborative agreements and an MOU with. The official documents specify the objectives and the reasons for forming each partnership:

OpenAIRE (September 2018)

OpenAIRE A.M.K.Ε. is a non-profit partnership started as a EC initiative for an Open Access infrastructure for Research in Europe (lately funded by the EU-Horizon 2020 Grant ID 777541 “OpenAIRE-Advance”) that aims at establishing an open and sustainable scholarly communication infrastructure responsible for the overall management, analysis, manipulation, provision, monitoring and cross-linking of all research outcomes (publications, research data, software, research products, and services) across content providers.


  • To promote a gradual compliance of the DSpace with the OpenAIRE Literature Repository Guidelines v4.0
  • To support assessment of research results by help of globally distributed and aggregated usage statistics
  • To promote the realization of optimal repositories as described in the Next Generation Repository Technologies report by the COAR Working Group nationally and internationally
  • To engage the respective communities and stakeholders in the partnership activities and to communicate the result of the partnership internationally
OpenAIRE Website

COAR (June 2018)

COAR is a membership organization with over 120 members and partners from 40 countries on all 5 continents. COAR’s vision is a global knowledge commons based on the distributed repository network, on which value added services can be built. Key for achieving this vision is ensuring that repository systems have common functionalities and are positioned to adopt new technologies in an agile fashion.

In November 2017 COAR recommended a number of behaviours and technologies for repositories and is working to have these widely implemented by the community.


  • Deliver and participate in training events and workshops to support awareness of next generation repositories and capacity building in the repository community, with a special
    emphasis on developing countries.
  • Promote the value of open repositories with various stakeholder communities internationally through presentations and other types of engagement.
COAR Website

euroCRIS (February 2017)

euroCRIS is a not-for-profit, statutory association (, governed by Dutch law, dedicated to the development and implementation of efficient and effective institutional, national and international research information systems and their interoperability, based on CERIF (Common European Research Information Format). One of euroCRIS’s main objectives is the promotion of cooperation and exchange of expertise between stakeholders in the research information domain, in particular by setting up Strategic Partnerships with international organisations in the field of Research Information Management.


  • To promote interoperability between IRs and CRISs.
  • To promote the realisation of optimal repositories and research information policies and practices, and in this respect to influence policies and policy makers on both a national (governmental) and international level.
  • To make known and communicate each other’s activities and accomplishments with their stakeholders and at each other’s events.
euroCRIS Website