During a recent meeting of DSpace Developers an idea was shared by Terry Brady of Georgetown University, to host community meetings that discuss what DSpace Developers are up to; a developer showcase that allows developers the opportunity to share their tools, processes and recent work with everyone in the DSpace community.

The first meeting of this new initiative, DSpace Developer Show and Tell Meetings, was held on February 27th.  Tim Donohue shared, “Basic Deployment of DSpace in the Cloud (AWS) using Puppet.” This meeting was recorded and is available on the DSpace YouTube Channel.

The next meeting, will be held March 27, 2018 at 15:00 UTC (11:00am EDT) and will discuss developing DSpace with Janitor and DSpace development on Codenvy.  Additional details of this meeting are available on the DSpace wiki.  Anyone interested is encouraged to attend.

If you are a DSpace Developer and are interested in showcasing your work sign up for the topic that you are willing to share with the community on the wiki.

Learn more about DSpace Developer Show and Tell Meetings and see future meeting topics and schedules here.

A special thanks to Terry Brady for leading this new initiative and to the DSpace Developers for all of their efforts and contributions!