DuraCloud customers can now select HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) as an option for streaming files. HLS is widely supported by browsers and mobile devices and allows for non-Flash video and audio players. HLS is supported by HTML5 video and audio tags. Both open and secure streaming options are available for HLS through DuraCloud, allowing your institution to stream audio and video content to the public or to authorized users directly from DuraCloud preservation storage.

Development work for this new feature was supported by an Andrew W. Mellon foundation grant awarded to UNC Libraries, titled Extending the Reach of Southern Audiovisual Sources: Implementation.

Detailed release and deployment notes can be found on the DuraCloud GitHub repository. To learn more about contributing to DuraCloud or to subscribe to the DuraCloud hosted service, please contact info@duracloud.org.

About DuraCloud
DuraCloud is an open source, hosted service that makes it easy to control where and how your organization preserves content in the cloud. DuraCloud enables your institution to store content with expert cloud storage providers while adding lightweight features that enable digital preservation, data access, and data sharing. The service is also available from 4Science via DuraCloud Europe.