DuraSpace is excited to announce that its project, Open Sourcing DuraCloud: Beyond the License has been selected as a featured projectfor the Mozilla Foundation Global Sprint to be held May 10th-11th, 2018.

The Global Sprint is a collaborative event meant to “hack and build projects for a healthy internet.” The Sprint will allow people from many backgrounds — students, journalists, librarians, educators, and anyone else interested in supporting the open internet — to come together for two days and work to improve open projects that make the internet better, safer and healthier.

The DuraCloud: Beyond the License project, as part of the latest cohort of the Mozilla Open Leaders program, has developed a community contribution model for DuraCloud that will accelerate its growth into a truly open source project. As a result of the 12-week mentorship & training program, DuraSpace staff has developed an easy introduction to what DuraCloud is and why it matters; contribution guidelines; a roadmap for future development; and detailed opportunities for contribution. All of this and more can be found on DuraCloud’s GitHub repository where interested volunteers are welcome to contribute.

Whatever your skill level or expertise, the Mozilla Global Sprint needs you! You can learn more about the Sprint and register to participate. You’ll have the opportunity to choose to help DuraCloud during the sprint with a number of tasks including reviewing and improving documentation, developing marketing, testing the system, reviewing documentation, creating videos, and more.

To learn more about contributing to DuraCloud or to subscribe to the DuraCloud hosted service, please contact info@duracloud.org.