DuraSpace is thrilled to announce its acceptance into the latest cohort of the Mozilla Open Leaders program, with its project Open Sourcing DuraCloud: Beyond the License.

Mozilla Open Leaders is a 12-week, online mentorship & training course. It focuses on growing a culture of openness in innovation and research, as well as, fueling the Internet Health movement by engaging contributors in their work and connecting with other leaders in the Mozilla Network.

As part of the training, DuraSpace staff Erin Tripp and Bill Branan will receive ongoing 1:1 mentorship, have access to a community of mentors and technologists, complete modules from the Open Leadership Training Series, and get practical experience mentoring and engaging community on their project.

The project will focus on DuraCloud, our digital preservation storage service and software. DuraCloud was created at DuraSpace to fill a need expressed in the community for digital preservation. The software was developed with funding from the Library of Congress and the code for DuraCloud was immediately made available under an open source license. The DuraCloud service was launched publicly in 2011, and has since seen steady growth as use of the cloud became accepted, and the need to fund the preservation of digital materials became better understood.

However, DuraCloud lacks the community contribution model that typically defines an open source project. Our Mozilla Open Leadership project aims to correct this by developing communication products and a framework that will engage users and prospect contributors.

We endeavor to make this project a first step of many toward opening the DuraCloud community and engaging users in open source collaboration to foster greater engagement around long term digital preservation and the software that supports it.

To read more about all of the projects accepted, please visit: https://mozilla.github.io/leadership-training/round-5/projects/