All DuraSpace Members not already participating in the LYRASIS Membership Program will be considered Institutional Members of LYRASIS with Leaders Circle privileges from now until June 30, 2020. As such, DuraSpace Members will be listed on both the DuraSpace Members page as well as the LYRASIS Members page. Benefits of this extended membership include:

1. Invitation to the annual LYRASIS Member Summit.

This is a two day event each fall (details to be announced soon) combining the Leaders Circle meeting and the full Members Summit. The Summit features a keynote address, an update on the organizational direction, and break out sessions to encourage discussions among members from academic, research, and public libraries, galleries, archives, museums, and research organizations. This fall’s Member Summit will include programming designed for DuraSpace members.

2. Leaders Circle Membership

The LYRASIS Leaders Circle is designed for members who want to get involved in the hands-on collaboration and innovation programs at LYRASIS. Leaders Circle members help select the recipients of the annual $100,000 Catalyst Fund (seed funding invested directly into member projects), and are invited to attend all of the LYRASIS Leaders Forums at no charge. In addition, Leaders Circle Members meet in person once a year in advance of the annual Member Summit to determine strategic priorities and help set the course for he coming year. Leaders Circle members also receive exclusive opportunities to help test, try and pilot new programs and participate in special online sessions throughout the year.

3. Leaders Forums

These are smaller, more nimble, gatherings across the US, Canada and soon the globe. Forums discuss, explore, and workshop ideas, problems, and potential solutions. Experts from the LYRASIS team and from the LYRASIS membership bring new concepts, trends and ideas to be roundtabled. Output of the meetings is shared and posted for discussion.

4. Catalyst Fund

Each year, between four and eight member-submitted ideas are funded. Leaders Circle members vote to select recipients of Catalyst Fund awards. For each award, a LYRASIS expert is assigned as program manager to facilitate partnerships, connections and linkages to help the idea grow and be tested. After the project is complete, an assessment takes place to determine if the idea is viable for future investment. In 2020, there will be $250,000 in funds available to members through the Catalyst Fund, an increase of $100,000 to accommodate our growing membership. Only members are eligible to apply for the Catalyst Fund, and the application is only 2 pages long, making it a low risk way to help kickstart innovation at your institution.

5. Participation in Organizational Governance

All Institutional Members have one vote in governance matters brought before the LYRASIS membership. This may include voting for new Board of Trustees, certain changes to organizational bylaws, etc. Please note, consortial members receive one vote.

6. Discounts on Services

  • Hosted Services – Members receive discounts on ArchiveSpace, CollectionSpace and Islandora hosting services.
  • Strategic Licensing -LYRASIS negotiates library-friendly licenses for best of field resources from LexisNexis, Springer Nature, Oxford University Press, and more. This means members receive discounts, preferred pricing, and special terms for resources and products in the LYRASIS portfolio. Discount levels vary based on group size, and many offers are unique to members.
  • LYRASIS Learning – LYRASIS Learning is a member-exclusive program that offers unlimited training from the LYRASIS catalog (live and on-demand) with one annual fee that can be rolled into your membership renewal. There are no limits on the numbers of classes members can take through LYRASIS Learning, and no restrictions on how many staff can attend each session. This allows you to upscale your entire staff with unlimited access to our Learning Library of recorded classes and all live classes.
  • Digitization services – Members receive discounts on digitization services by fully-vetted vendors and experts. In addition, LYRASIS offers digitization consulting and additional resources on the website.
  • Library supplies – Members can request a discount code from LYRASIS Member Services to use when ordering from popular library suppliers such as Brodart, Bibliotheca, Hollinger Metal Edge, and The Library Store.

These benefits enrich existing DuraSpace member benefits including access to our member newsletter, events, webinars, a listing our website, for some member tiers participation in community governance groups for the open technologies we steward as well as discounts on our DuraCloud service. For more information on DuraSpace member benefits, visit:

For more information, contact LYRASIS Member Services: