Today marks a milestone in our progress toward Fedora 6 – the Alpha Release is now available for download and testing! Over the past year, our dedicated Fedora team, along with an extensive list of active community members and committers, have been working hard to deliver this exciting release to all of our users.

So what does Alpha mean? Fedora 6.0 Alpha-1 is our initial release of the newly updated software. The 3 primary goals for Fedora 6 are robust migration support, enhanced digital preservations features, and improved performance and scale. We have been actively working on a strong feature set that we hope to release with the full version in early 2021.

Features Available in Alpha Release

For now, we are happy to deliver the following features with the Alpha:

Alpha Migration Tooling for Fedora 3, 4 & 5 to Fedora 6
Native Amazon S3 Support
Support for Oxford Common File Layout persistence
Built-in search service
Metrics collection available
Docker deployment option

To showcase what’s in store for Fedora 6, we also created this mini Highlight Reel featuring the Top 4 Features we thought you would be most excited about.


In the coming weeks, as we work toward Beta release, we want to ensure the broader community has ample opportunity to confirm the functionality of the software against local needs and use cases. We cannot emphasize enough how valuable your feedback will be. It is only through the feedback of those within our own community that we can help guide the development efforts and deliver a product you are proud to use.

Feedback and Testing

Please feel free to use the fedora-tech mailing list, the #fedora-6-testing channel in Fedora Slack or reach out to David Wilcox at to provide any and all feedback on this release. Even letting us know that you are testing the software would be greatly appreciated!

Stay tuned on the Road to Fedora 6 for more exciting updates as we move toward Beta and eventually full production release. Thanks to all involved, we couldn’t have done it without your support and dedication.