This is the seventh in a series of monthly updates on the Fedora Migration Paths and Tools project – please see last month’s post for a summary of the work completed up to that point. This project has been generously funded by the IMLS.

Born Digital has set up both staging and production servers for the Whitman College pilot team, including the new theme and configurations. This has allowed the grant team to begin running sample ingests using Islandora Workbench. The samples are composed of representative content selected from the Whitman College Islandora 7 instance, which will allow the team to verify that everything is working as intended before proceeding to production migrations. Based on the sample content the team is also able to proceed with a review of the functional requirements noting where there are any gaps.

The University of Virginia pilot team is ready to begin validating their migrated content using the migration validation utility. However, the current migration is taking longer than expected due to additional checksum validation that was introduced in the Beta version of migration-utils along with slow transfer speeds to their AWS instance. The team will run a parallel migration with checksum validation disabled to benchmark the performance differences for the community. Fortunately, checksums can still be validated after a migration completes by using the migration validation utility.

Based on the grant project work so far an online Fedora 3.x to Fedora 6.0 migration workshop has been scheduled for mid-June. This workshop, pitched at an intermediate technical level, will provide an overview of the migration-utils and migration validation utility along with an opportunity to try these tools hands-on. This will be a free workshop but Fedora members will have an opportunity to register in advance of the public registration announcement. A recording of the workshop will be made publicly available afterward. Join the Fedora mailing list to get announcements about this and other events, and join as a member to support our work.

Next month we hope to complete test migrations on the Whitman College staging server and move on to migrating collections onto the production server. We’ll also conduct a review of functional requirements and identify any significant gaps. Meanwhile, the University of Virginia pilot team will use the validation utility to verify that their Fedora 6.x content has been faithfully migrated from their Fedora 3.x repository before loading the data into a Fedora 6.0 Beta instance to test against their functional requirements.

Stay tuned for future updates!