This is the fifth in a series of monthly updates on the Fedora Migration Paths and Tools project – please see last month’s post for a summary of the work completed up to that point. This project has been generously funded by the IMLS.

A couple project-related presentations will be delivered at upcoming conferences: Paige Morfitt from Whitman College will present with David Wilcox on Mapping Metadata: Cleaning and controlling fields to improve migrations on March 24th at the online Code4Lib Conference. A more general update on Fedora 6.0 and the work we’ve been doing on the grant project will take place at the upcoming CNI Spring Meeting.

Meanwhile the Whitman College pilot team completed an initial installation of Islandora using Drupal 9 and an Alpha build of Fedora 6.0. This instance has been populated with test content so the team can begin reviewing against the spreadsheet of functional requirements to determine any gaps and how to address them. At the same time, test migrations using real data will begin using the Islandora Workbench tool. The workflow for using this tool will be documented so others can follow a similar path.

The University of Virginia pilot has been on hold while work on Fedora 6.0 and the migration validation utility progresses. Changes between the Alpha and (soon to be released) Beta versions of Fedora 6.0 will require another run of the migration utility, after which the data will be validated before being tested with the latest build of Fedora 6.0.

With the impending release of Fedora 6.0 Beta we are quickly approaching production release, which is a prerequisite for the completion of the pilots. Over the next couple months we will validate the UVA migrated data, test this data in Fedora 6.0, and ensure front-end services have been updated accordingly. At the same time, we will run test migrations of different data types in the Whitman College Islandora instance while going through the list of functional requirements and making a plan for addressing any gaps.

Stay tuned for next month’s updates!