This is the fourth in a series of monthly updates on the Fedora Migration Paths and Tools project – please see last month’s post for a summary of the work completed up to that point. This project has been generously funded by the IMLS.

The grant team has been focused on completing an initial build of a validation utility, which will allow implementers to compare their migrated content with the original Fedora 3.x source material to verify that everything has been migrated successfully. A testable version of this tool is expected to be completed in the coming weeks, at which point the University of Virginia pilot team will test and provide feedback on the utility.

The University of Virginia team has completed a full migration of their legacy Fedora 3.2.1 repository. They also recently contributed improvements to the Fedora AWS Deployer which have been merged into the codebase. The team is now awaiting a testable version of the validation utility so they can validate their migrated content before moving on to testing this content in a newly installed Fedora 6.0 instance.

The Whitman College pilot team has completed their metadata remediation and mapping work. Their process and lessons learned will be shared in a presentation at the upcoming Code4Lib conference. Meanwhile, Islandora 8 is currently being tested with an Alpha build of Fedora 6.0, which will be used as the basis for migration testing for the Whitman College pilot. Work is currently being done in parallel to install Islandora 8 using ISLE and complete work on a new theme. Due to the impending end-of-life date of Drupal 8 the team decided to proceed directly to Drupal 9, and the theme needed to be updated accordingly. Fortunately, the transition from Drupal 8 to 9 is relatively minor.

Next month we plan to use the validation utility to validate the University of Virginia migration before moving on to testing the migrated data in Fedora 6.0 and updating the application as needed. For the Whitman College pilot, once the Islandora 8 with Fedora 6.0 installation is complete we will be able to run a series of test migrations and update the utilities and application as necessary in order to satisfy functional requirements.

Stay tuned for future updates!