Welcome to our March Fedora Newsletter. With Spring upon us, we are excited to keep you updated on what we’ve been doing, where to find us and how to get involved in the community! Read on for exciting information about Fedora. 


Welcome to Fedora’s New Program Manager

We would like to welcome Arran Griffith as the new (official) Program Manager for the Fedora Program. Arran has been with us since October 2020 working in a part time capacity as Community Coordinator. With David Wilcox’s departure in November 2021, Arran will be officially replacing his position as Program Manager. She will transition to her full-time responsibilities by May. She is excited to continue the work she has been doing and taking on the program in a greater capacity! 

On behalf of Fedora, WELCOME ARRAN! 

Fedora 6.2 is on the Horizon 

This month the Fedora Tech Team will be cutting a 6.2.0 release candidate for community testing. Version 6.2 will expose some basic repository statistics as requested as part of the community Technology Survey we sent out at the beginning of the year. The statistics API will give users a count of the repository resources, resource and byte counts by mime type, and resource counts by RDF type.  

Look for the Release Candidate announcement next week. 

Demo Videos 

Did you know that Fedora has a YouTube channel? Here you can find all kinds of useful videos on using the different features of Fedora. Don’t see something here that you’re interested in learning more about? Email us and let us know what you’d like to see! You can reach us by emailing Arran Griffith directly at arran.griffith@lyrasis.org. We would love to hear your feedback! 

Some videos to check out: 

Fedora Migration Workshop: https://youtu.be/i0iE3QT9fPc 

  • Watch as we walk participants through migrating a data set and highlight and explain the support tooling available with Fedora 6.0 

Migration Validator: Migration Validator 

  • Here we show how simple it is to run the migration validator tool to ensure you data has been migrated correctly. 



With many conferences moving to hybrid and in-person events, we are starting to consider where we would like to present and have Fedora representation. We would love to be able to get out and reconnect with you at these events, so please let us know which ones you are planning to attend.  

We have submitted proposals for the following events so far: 

  • iPres 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland 
  • Open Repositories in Denver, Colorado 
  • Code4Lib in Buffalo, NY – Vote for our Fedora poster proposal titled: “Welcome to Fedora 6.0: New Features & Integration Tooling for Community Use Cases”. Voting closes March 18, 2022. 

Have a unique or interesting topic you’d like to discuss with a member of the Fedora Team? Reach out to Arran Griffith @ arran.griffith@lyrasis.org. We are always open to collaborative presentation topics! 

What’s Happening in Our Partner Communities 


  • Next Developer Congress will be taking place May 16-20, 2022. All are welcome to participate. Simply add you name to on the right-hand side of the wiki page to be included. 
  • Samvera Virtual Connect will take place May 4-5, 2022! Mark your calendars and keep your eyes open for more details. 



  • IslandoraCon is back! This will be a hybrid event hosted at UPEI in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada. It is tentatively scheduled for August 2-5, 2022. 

Fedora Registry 

Part of our mission with Fedora 6.0 is to better understand our user install base. As a result, we are reaching out to the community now to help with these efforts. Is your institution in our registry? If so, are all the details up to date? Check out the current Fedora Registry here: https://duraspace.org/fedora/community/fedora-users/ 

Need an update or need to add your instance? Use this link: https://duraspace.org/registry/register-your-site/ 

By understanding our install base and what versions of Fedora are being used, we will be better prepared to provide the support necessary for our entire community.

Membership – Your support is valuable! 

Fedora is an open-source, community-supported program funded entirely by membership contributions. This funding supports staff to work on developing, teaching, engaging and supporting Fedora users across the globe. Without our members, we would not be able to support the preservation of the vital content contained within the repositories of our users. Find out how you can help. Learn more and become a member today! 

Get Involved 

Fedora is designed, built, used, and supported by the community. Join the conversation on our Fedora Slack channel or sign up for our Fedora community mailing list to stay in the loop. You can find more details here.