Service providers, consortia, and institutions interested in Hyku have formalized their collaboration by creating the Samvera Hyku Interest Group. The Hyku Interest Group discusses the Hyku repository application, particularly focusing on keeping its development aligned with Hyrax maturation. Group members are interested in working together to contribute to the maintenance and development of Hyku.

A lightning talk on Hyku was presented at Samvera Virtual Connect 2018. Nick Woodward, Senior Software Engineer, Texas Digital Library, provided updates on the Interest Group formation and the activities of group members. Updates included:
CoSector, a department at the University of London, recently launched an instance of Hyku for The King’s Fund, a small UK health funder. Their work to date has focused on migrating digital objects from EPrints into Hyku, and one product of this work is a json-based importer, which is available on GitHub.
Notch8 is a Ruby on Rails consultancy based in San Diego are currently actively involved in Hyku.
The Texas Digital Library recently conducted a Hyku pilot with three members. The final report will be completed and made available to the public shortly.
Ubiquity Press, an open access publisher of peer-reviewed academic journals, books and data, were awarded a grant to develop a multi-tenant Hyku instance for the British Library. They’re currently working on several issues related to Hyku.

Group members plan to continue to work on migration tooling and developing the Hyku codebase. Institutions interested in Hyku development are welcome to join the Hyku Interest Group monthly call.