From Yinlin Chen, Software Engineer, Digital Library Development, University Libraries, Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA  Ansible helps build a strong foundation for DevOps with a simple, powerful IT automation engine that accelerates DevOps initiatives. Fedora 4 Ansible [1] was derived from the Sufia Ansible playbook [2] used in VT and presented in Hydra Connect 16 [3]. You can use this Ansible playbook to install Fedora 4 to a VirtualBox VM on your local machine, to an AWS EC2 instance, and to a server you plan to provision.

This project is written in Ansible and can be used to install Fedora 4 any version in various environments.

git clone

To install to a VirtualBox VM:
cd /path/to/fcrepo4-ansible
vagrant up

To install to AWS:
cd /path/to/fcrepo4-ansible
vagrant up –provider aws

To a bare metal server with the IP address using Ansible:
cd /path/to/fcrepo4-ansible/ansible
ansible-playbook –limit [ip address] site.yml -b

The current features support Fedora 4 leveldb and Fedora 4 with Postgres database. The detailed description of this project is in the README[4]

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