DuraSpace and Google Scholar are launching a series of webinars to address one of the most pressing issues in the DSpace community: how to configure a DSpace repository to be correctly  indexed by Google Scholar.

Inclusion in Scholar is extremely valuable for both researchers and institutions because it creates global visibility for scientific work and research publications.

The webinars will be delivered at a country level, in order to ensure that the correct local issues are addressed and fixed. To organize the webinars, DuraSpace is working with several different national DSpace User Groups. The user groups are helping with the translation of content and coordination of related activities.

After an overview of how the Google Scholar indexing system works, Monica Westin, Google Scholar, will discuss common indexing problems faced by repositories and provide guidance on how to fix them. She will also demonstrate how to check for Scholar coverage of your repository. Recordings of the webinars and accompanying  documentation will be publicly available on the DuraSpace wiki pages dedicated to the different regional user groups.

Many countries have already expressed interest in the webinar series. We hope others will join us. The first webinar will be for the Brazilian community on April 22, 2019, followed by a webinar for the Peruvian community on April 26, 2019.

To register please use the following links:

Brazilian webinar

Peruvian webinar

If you are interested in the webinar and you think it would be a valuable initiative in your country, please contact Michele Mennielli (mmennielli@duraspace.org).