Benjamin Gross has been a VIVO committer for 3 years.  He is currently working at Clarivate Analytics. Prior to joining Clarivate, Benjamin developed Connect UNAVCO, a VIVO site for a geoscience and data-focused consortium.

One of the recent developments Benjamin has worked on is integrating Publons data into VIVO. Publons is a free tool provided by Clarivate that enables researchers to get recognition for their peer review activity.  Search for Publons on to see example profiles with peer review activity integrated into VIVO profiles.  Benjamin looks forward to contributing these developments and others to the VIVO community through the committers team. He will also present the Publons integration at the VIVO conference in June.

Further details on the rights and responsibilities of being a VIVO committer, please visit:


Clarivate Analytics is a DuraSpace Registered Service Provider (RSP) for VIVO. As an RSP, Clarivate provides services to help institutions implement VIVO, populate it with quality data, and customize its functionality.  Clarivate Analytics also produces the Web of Science database, which is used by a number of VIVO organizations. Web of Science provides metadata about research outputs such as articles, conference presentations, books/book chapters, and datasets from thousands of scholarly sources. It also tracks citations to these outputs, helping users to understand the impact of your organization’s research. To see how Web of Science citation counts look in VIVO, check out Clarivate’s demo VIVO site: The demo also includes dataset information from Clarivate’s Data Citation Index and data from InCites, Clarivate’s analytics platform. APIs are available for subscribers to integrate these data into VIVO. Check out Clarivate’s VIVO code on GitHub

DuraSpace establishes partnerships with Registered Service Providers (RSPs)  (companies, non-profits, consortia, etc.) that wish to provide open source software services with the support of DuraSpace. The program has categories for DSpace, Fedora (Samvera/Islandora), VIVO, DuraCloud, and ArchivesDirect.  RSPs make an investment in the technology and a commitment to continue active participation in the open source software communities they serve. Our current list of RSPs is available, here: Our goal is to encourage more service providers to contribute to the community, promote open source software, and position our partner’s services as competitive alternatives to proprietary products.