As described in the the Fedora API specification (specification charter), the specification is designed to:

  • Define the characteristics and expectations of how clients interact with Fedora implementations

  • Define such interactions such that an implementation’s conformance is testable

  • Enable interoperability by striving to minimize the need for modifications to client applications in order to work with different implementations of the Fedora API specification

The initial working draft will remain open for public comment until November, at which time we are planning to graduate the specification to a “candidate recommendation”. Please contact the Fedora Community or Fedora Specification Editors with any general comments or if you would like to participate in implementation and/or test suite sprints. Any comments on details of the specification, itself, should be posted as GitHub issues.

The Fedora Leadership Group recently voted to approve funding for contract development with IBR  to build a test suite for the API specification beginning in September 2017. Completed work in the course of the first round of funding includes:

– Study existing tooling and specifications (LDP test suite, LDP spec, Fedora Spec, Fedora REST API)

– Create a github repository holding the Fedora Specification test suite

– Develop tests for CRUD operations

– Develop 24 tests out of approximately 90 total tests

– Output results of tests in HTML format with detailed logs


A second approved round of funding will help complete the remaining tests in the suite.


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