Austin, TX  An institution’s identity is often formed by what it saves for current and future access. Digital collections curated by the academy can include research data, images, texts, reports, artworks, books, and historic documents help define an academic institution’s identity. Trustworthy Repositories Audit and Certification (TRAC)  certification was developed by OCLC, CRL and NARA to provide universities and colleges with an understanding of which repositories could be trusted to host and preserve their academic digital treasures.

In collaboration with the University of California at San Diego’s Chronopolis service, DuraSpace is pleased to announce the availability of the DuraCloud Enterprise Chronopolis subscription plan which provides DuraCloud customers with the following benefits:

  • Content stored in the TRAC-certified Chronopolis network, which consists of three non-profit research organizations

  • Geographic replication and synchronization of content between three diverse Chronopolis storage locations

  • Web-based administrative dashboard with deposit workflow

  • Access to deposit transaction information

  • End-to-end content integrity monitoring in a dark storage option

  • Included bandwidth (up and down)

To learn more about the new DuraCloud Enterprise Chronopolis subscription plan visit the pricing page on our web site: or contact <>.

About DuraCloud

DuraCloud ( is a hosted service and open technology developed by DuraSpace to help organizations take advantage of cloud services. DuraCloud uses existing commercial cloud infrastructure to enable long-term access to digital content. It is particularly focused on providing preservation support services and access services for academic libraries, academic research centers, and other cultural heritage organizations. The service offers cloud storage across multiple commercial and non-commercial providers, as well as smart preservation tools that enable security, data access, transformation, and sharing.

About Chronopolis

The Chronopolis ( digital preservation network at the University of California San Diego Library has the capacity to preserve hundreds of terabytes of digital data of any type or size, with minimal requirements on the data provider. Chronopolis comprises partner organizations that provide a wide range of services. The partners include:

The project leverages high-speed networks, mass-scale storage capabilities, and the expertise of the partners in order to provide a geographically distributed, heterogeneous, and highly redundant archive system.


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