From Andrew Woods, on behalf of the Oxford Common File Layout (OCFL) editorial group

The Oxford Common File Layout (OCFL) specification describes an application-independent approach to the storage of digital information in a structured, transparent, and predictable manner. It is designed to promote standardized long-term object management practices within digital repositories.

Illustration by Sam Mitchell, Lyrasis

For those following the OCFL initiative or those generally interested in current community practice related to preservation persistence, you will be pleased to know that the OCFL 0.3 beta specification has been released and is now ready for your detailed review and feedback!

Twenty four issues [1] have been addressed since the 0.2 alpha release (February, 2019). Beyond editorial/clarifying updates, the more substantive changes in this beta release include:
– Flexibility of directory name within version directories for holding content payload [2]
– Optional “deposit” directory at top of Storage Root as draft workspace [3]
– Expectation of case sensitivity of file paths and file names [4]

Within the 90 day review period until September 2nd, please review the specification and implementation notes and provide your feedback either as discussion on the ocfl-community [5] mailing list or as GitHub issues [6].

The monthly OCFL community meetings [7] are open to all (second Wednesday of every month @11am ET). Please join the conversation, or simply keep your finger on OCFL’s pulse by lurking!

More detail and implementation notes can be found at

[5] ocfl-co…