DuraSpace is pleased to welcome Ontocale, as its newest participant in the DuraSpace Service Provider (DSP) program. Ontocale is a Certified DuraSpace Contributor offering VIVO services and the program’s third VIVO provider, joining Clarivate Analytics and Symplectic.

Brian Lowe, founder of Ontocale, has been a contributor to VIVO since 2006. Having been a developer at Cornell University and a semantic software development team lead during VIVO’s NIH-funded expansion to an open-source project, he brings a deep knowledge of the technology stack and community.

“We help you make the most out of VIVO, from harvesting data to taking advantage of their rich semantic structure for customized display and reporting. The goal is to give you the unique software features you need while building on and contributing to open community-developed data standards,” Lowe says.

The DSP program establishes relationships with service providers that wish to provide open source software services with the support of DuraSpace.

“Ontocale has been a terrific contributor in the VIVO community, in terms of code development and as a participant in our international events such as our DuraSpace-euroCRIS Interoperability Event in June,” says Erin Tripp, DuraSpace Interim CEO. “We are delighted to welcome Brian and his team to the DSP program.”

The goals of the DSP program include working more closely with open source service providers to promote the adoption of DuraSpace open technologies and celebrating the expertise and in-kind contributions of service providers as it propels the quality and functionality of our code-bases.

Established in 2009, DuraSpace is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization providing leadership and innovation for open technologies that promote durable, persistent access to digital data. More than eighteen hundred institutions use and help develop open source software in partnership with DuraSpace.

For more information on VIVO service providers, please visit: https://duraspace.org/vivo/community/service-providers/.
For more information on Ontocale, please visit http://ontocale.com/ or email Brian Lowe (brian@ontocale.com).
For more information on the DuraSpace and the DSP program, please email Michele Mennielli (mmennielli@duraspace.org).