There’s still time to submit a poster or abstract! You have until Monday, June 12, so shuffle your weekend plans and give a boost to your career. Here’s why it’s worth it:

1. Present in a stress-free situation. 
The poster/demo session at VIVO conferences is always informal and laid-back. You’ll talk to just a few people at once. If presenting to a group doesn’t sound fun, the poster/demo session is a great way to get experience without the pressure.
2. Road-test your big idea. 
Get instant feedback from fellow attendees about your current work. It doesn’t need to be polished or complete. This is your chance to bounce your idea off VIVO community members.
3. Meet potential collaborators or consumers of your work.  
Chances are, others are trying to solve the same problem and you could give them the solution they need. Or you might get help with a sticking point in your own work.
4. Demo something cool that you helped build.
For the first time, we’ll be doing demos at VIVO17. That means you’ll get to show us a live version of your work – no poster needed!
5. Contribute to the scholarly ecosystem.
Deposit your poster or demo abstract in figshare to generate a citation for your work and add it to the 2017 conference page in OpenVIVO
Find information about the poster/demo session here
Have you registered for the conference? Better get on it before June 23, when the price goes up from $275 to $325.


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