The webinar recording and presentation slides from “Beyond North America: Widening Access and Participation” are now available.  This was the second of four webinars presented in the DuraSpace Hot Topic Series, “The Future Will be Open?” curated by David Lewis, Indiana University Purdue University Indiana, Dean Emeritus of the University Library and Michael Roy, Middlebury College, Dean of the Library.

The first webinar, “The 2.5% Commitment: Investing in Open” was presented on May 17th and focused on David Lewis’ proposal for a 2.5% investment in open infrastructure and how it aims to make visible the investments academic libraries make in open infrastructure and content.

The second webinar, “Beyond North America: Widening Access and Participation” was presented by Colleen Campbell who leads outreach for the Open Access 2020 initiative and  Dra. Arianna Becerril García, the Technology and Innovation Director of REDALYC.  Their presentation highlighted what progress is being made in the drive make scholarly content open, discoverable, and accessible through initiatives originating outside the US and each shared their experiences on the global open access movement bringing insights from where they sit in Europe and South America.

The recordings and presentation slides of both webinars are available at

This Hot Topics series is available live to DuraSpace Members.

Members of DuraSpace are among leaders of institutions from all over the world who share a belief that our digital scientific and cultural heritage should be preserved and made accessible for future generations. Members of DuraSpace have been invited to become part of a conversation that aims to begin an investigation into what it will take to sustain the emerging set of open technologies that underpin the open scholarly ecosystem we all depend on.

Our members are actively engaged in determining how to move forward towards a more open scholarly ecosystem. Attending Hot Topics webinars is one benefit that we offer our members to aid in collaborative consideration of common issues and potential solutions as an exclusive benefit of being a DuraSpace member.