Austin, TX  DuraSpace concluded its latest Hot Topics Webinar Series, "Introducing DSpace 7: Next Generation UI.”  Curated by Claire Knowles, Library Digital Development Manager, The University of Edinburgh, this three-part series began by showcasing the efforts of the team behind the next generation UI for DSpace highlighting aspects of DSpace 7 development.  The second webinar demonstrated how DSpace can be used for research data taking a closer look at DSpace in action at the University of Edinburgh and the Dryad Digital Repository.  The series concluded with a look at how DSpace users could advance DSpace through very simple contributions and become a part of the team.

Did you miss this series?  All presentation slides and webinar recordings are available at

A special thanks to Claire and her team of presenters: Art Lowel – Atmire, Andrea Bollini – 4Science, Tim Donohue – DuraSpace, Pauline Ward – The University of Edinburgh, Ryan Scherle – Dryad Digital Repository, Maureen Walsh – The Ohio State University,  Bram Luyten – Atmire, Hardy Pottinger – UCLA Library & Kim Shepherd – DSpace Developer and Committer.


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