Scholarships Available for the Digital Presrvation Professional Development Institute!

September 13, 2017By Carol Minton MorrisUncategorized



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from StaceyErdman, Digital Archvist, Beloit College

Apply NOW to the Digital POWRR Digital Preservation Professional Development Institute! Applications accepted for the first Institute through Friday September 15.
The Digital POWRR team invites applications for the first of five upcoming 2 day institutes, to be held on November 30-December 1st, at the NIU Branch campus in Naperville, Illinois. Scholarships are available!

An ideal candidate for a POWRR institute may be someone who fits some of these descriptions:

  • Someone who works in a “boots on the ground” role (this could be any range of positions in the cultural heritage sector, but the idea is that your primary role is not one as an administrator)
  • Someone who has been exposed to basic digital preservation concepts, but who has struggled with moving from theory to practice
  • Someone who represents or serves historically underrepresented populations
  • Someone who is comfortable with basic technology, (navigating a basic computing environment) but who would benefit from instruction on more intermediate concepts
  • Someone employed by an institution unable to provide professional development funding adequate to attend other digital preservation training opportunities
  • Someone who would benefit from being a part of a small cohort of professionals like themselves, and who will put forth effort into sustaining these professional connections after the end of the Institute
For more details on the POWRR Institutes, please visit the following page:
(Note: we are collecting responses via Google Forms. Because we have the upload feature enabled, it will ask you to sign in to Google. If you do not have a Google account, please contact Stacey Erdman at for a copy of the application)
Application deadline: September 15, 2017
Applicants will be notified of application status by September 22, 2017.a


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