DuraSpace is pleased to announce a new formal working relationship with the Islandora Foundation, a Canadian non-profit that fosters the Islandora repository community and codebase.

More than two hundred repositories worldwide are built on Islandora, a popular digital asset management platform using Fedora as a back-end repository.

The relationship between DuraSpace and the Islandora Foundation will be strengthened by the Foundation’s new bronze-level membership with DuraSpace. The membership will aid the Foundation by:

  • Providing support for community announcements and events,
  • Eligibility to vote on an at-large Member representative to the DuraSpace board,
  • Eligibility to nominate representatives of the Fedora Leadership Group,
  • Involvement in the annual DuraSpace summit,
  • Bi-monthly meetings between DuraSpace, Fedora, and Foundation staff to stay abreast of community initiatives, and
  • Planning meetings between subset of the Fedora Leaders Group and the Islandora Foundation Board of Directors in the coming months.

These initiatives will add to existing collaborations between DuraSpace, Fedora community members, and Islandora community members, including:

  • Islandora representation on the Fedora specification editorial team and Fedora Leadership teams,
  • Islandora representation on a Fedora advisory group for a proposed planning grant project,
  • Joint planning and execution of a data migration stories project, and
  • Use of the DuraSpace wiki and JIRA ticketing systems.

DuraSpace CEO, Debra Hanken Kurtz, says “Our mission aligns well with that of the Foundation. Formalizing our collaboration will help us to be more intentional and strategic in our approach to support each other as peers working toward common goals”.

Mark Jordan, chair of the Islandora Foundation Board of Directors says “The Islandora Foundation is very much looking forward to working more closely with DuraSpace to strengthen our collective communities and promote the use of open repository platforms.”

For more information on this working relationship with the Islandora Foundation and DuraSpace, please contact Erin Tripp (etripp@duraspace.org).