From Emilio Lorenzo, Arvo Consulting The Spanish Institute of Oceanography is a public body devoted to multidisciplinary research into oceanographic and marine sciences in order to attain scientific knowledge of the oceans and sustainability of fishery resources and the marine environment.  Its repository, which was built in conjunction with Arvo Consulting, is a key element in the dissemination of its research work and contains the Institute’s scientific output on the following thematic areas: marine resources and fisheries, marine environment, environmental protection and aquaculture.

The Institute requested Arvo’s assistance with the functional evolution of its repository, adding a geographic layer connected to the DSpace search engine. Given that a high percentage of its digital objects possess a strong geographic component, which is linked to those marine areas where the Institute’s work is carried out or to those it refers to, it was considered desirable to add this search component. The project incorporated the metadating of items in the initial phase, using geographic terms from the AGROVOC vocabulary and subsequently the use of google maps libraries for the presentation of the search system, linked to DSpace’s DISCOVERY-SOLR.

The geographical searcher can be accessed via the repository’s main page or directly


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