From José Luis Martín Muñoz, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Madrid, Spain  We are happy to announce the launch of the UC3M Research Portal at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. This VIVO-based platform aims to show all research work being done at our institution. We invite you to take a look and comment.

The portal is read-only (there's no modifiable information):

• All of our organizations are included: 27 Departments, 27 Researching Institutes and 126 Researching Groups.
• All our researching staff at the moment: 1024 people.
• Publications, grants/projects, etc: 24871 works overall.

There is work to be done in many areas, but are proud of this first step. We thank the VIVO community for its work, support and ideas that have helped us to get this project to where it is now!

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