The VIVO 1.10.0 release candidate is available for testing. Pending any issues discovered in the testing of the release candidate, the 1.10.0 release is planned for June 29, 2018.

The primary features/updates found in this release include:

• Support for RDF 1.1 via Jena 3

• Documentation for integrating the Data Distribution API

• TPF Endpoint

• Direct2Experts Endpoint

• Improvements in Internationalization

• Upgrade of password encryption to Argon2i

• Jenatools for import and export of entire triple stores

• vivo.owl consolidated ontology assertions

• Many internal improvements in support of theming

• Many internal improvements to upgrade dependencies

• Many bug fixes

A full list of JIRA tickets addresses by this release can be found here:

To test the release candidate download and build from the source code to deploy into a servlet container


Download a no source vagrant

See the VIVO 1.10 Technical Documentation wiki for instructions:

Community testing of this release candidate is critical. Please provide your feedback on the release testing page